Saturday, December 27, 2008

Boston at 4 months Lincoln at 4 months

I think it is funny to go through pictures to see how your kids compare to each other. The first thing that I noticed between the two is that Boston probably outweighed Lincoln (at four months) by 5 pounds. At this point she had cheeks to spare and Lincoln is pretty normal at a steady 16 pounds. Next, is that Boston had jet black hair while Lincoln's is fairly light and last, Boston had black eyes and Lincoln has dark blue.

The Big Sleeper

It is official Lincoln is sleeping through the night (well, probably not now that I have mentioned it to everyone) and it is wonderful! He goes to sleep around 8-9 pm and sleeps all the through the night until I get home from the gym (around 7am). When he wakes up he is all smiles and ready to start the day after a quick meal. We feel really luckily that he started sleeping through the night so young, well compared to Boston he is young. She did not sleep through the night consistently until she was almost two. I guess that could be why we waited so long to have another kid :)
Okay, I think I spoke sooner than I should have! Lincoln has started waking up throughout the night, yea :) I do not get up to feed him, but he loves "yelling" to himself and kicking his feet as hard as he can (hard enough to make his bed shake). Right now he has been averaging three - four times a night all in 30 minute increments. I guess it could be worse.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Christmas was the best this year, Santa got off easy. The only thing that Boston asked for was Play dough and Moon Sand. The next best thing was that Christmas was really easy going (not too many houses to visit) and Boston liked everything that she got. However, she was a little disappointed that Santa did not remember to bring Moon Sand to our house (note: Santa brought is to my parents house), but on a happier note he remembered to bring Play dough :) Also, I forgot to mention that Santa got his pants stuck in our front door and left some behind. Boston was a little worried that he would be sad his pants were ruined, but Ben and I assured her that we could save it and give it back to him next Christmas.

Another fun thing that we did was lay out reindeer food for Santa's reindeer. After she went to bed I went to went out side and knocked over the bowl and sprinkled some down the stairs. When she woke up she was so excited that they ate some of the special food.

Party Pooper

It seems like every picture that someone takes of me holding Lincoln is with him sleeping. This was at my parents house, while we opened up gifts. He was missing all the fun, although Boston sure did not mind, it just meant more gifts she got to open up.
NOTE: Check out my profile picture (look right) compared to this one, what a difference 5 months makes.

Breaking News !

So let me start off by saying sorry. I have not been the best at keeping up my blog because our camera broke and what fun is a blog if you can not have pictures. However, for Christmas my parents got us a new camera, yea, and here I go again.
The first bit of news. Dane has a girlfriend and we actually got to meet her. She is very nice and best of all can put up with Dane, so I guess she is a keeper.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The best big sister

Boston has really adjusted well to another little person in the house. From day one she has been so hands on, in fact she threw a fit when she coould not hold him right after he was born (at the hospital she would let other people hold him only for a few seconds and then say, "I want to hold MY baby brother.") She has since let up a little, but any chance she gets she tries to hold him and has even figured out that he is getting big enough that she can pick him up herself (yikes). I do have to say though Lincoln loves Boston so much, anytime she starts to talk he looks around for her and once Lincoln finds Boston he will not takes his eyes off her. I love to see the two of them together, it truley shows what unconditional love is.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Favorite Quote

So after watching Kung Fu Panda for the millionth time, I decided to finally write down this quote. I think that is it something that we all need to remember when things get hard and do not go our way.

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift that is why they call it the present." -

Be present today and do not worry about the things that are beyond our control :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

From that to this

I can't beleive it has been almost four months. It is amazing how fast kids grow. Lincoln has gone from sleeping and eating all the time to smiling, laughing, and still eating all the time. Although I am excited to watch him grow I will always treasure the day that I held him for the first time.


Boston and Lincoln at Halloween.

Daisey and Rosco

These are our dogs, Daisey (7) and Rosco (2). This is what they do every morning when we let them out, they just sit and watch. What are the watching for? Well, we have a squirl that live in our backyard tree that torments the dogs. It runs up and down the tree trunk teasing the dogs and the best is when he get on a branch and drops juniper berries.

The joys of a 4 year old

I know what you are thinking, "why is she up side down over a baby gate?" Well, the baby gate was used to keep her in her room at night and for some reason it kept on keeping her in the room as she got older. Then the question, "is she upside down?" Yes, she decided to throw a temper tantrum (the best yet I should mention) and simply threw herself over the baby gate and this is how she landed, upside down. Ben and I could not stop laughing because she decided to stay her for a good length of time all over cleaning her room. Ahhhh.... the joys of parenting.


These are our stairs. Does the color look familiar? Lets just say the basement stairs and floors remind me of my elementary school lunch room, probably even down to the asbestos.

Our future walk in closet (hey you take what you can get)

Basement Remodel

Knotty Pine walls (this was what the basement walls were finished in) of course this was hot in the 70's.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Daddy's little helper

Boston loves to help Ben work on our basement or should I say our 3 year money pit. Our house was built in the 1940's and the basement looked something off "That 70's show," really, even down to the shower in an odd place. To say the least it was disgusting.
This picture was taken about four months ago before the real work began. With the help of our friends, thanks Darin and Peach, we had to jack hammer the concrete, take down old cast iron pipes (you would be grossed out to see what was petrified in them), move drains into the joists and lay new ones in the ground. It was a process, but Boston managed to help out as much as she could.

Ben's new baby

This is Ben's new bike. Well, not so new he go it in May. His excuse to get it was to save gas, but I really knew he was feeling like he needed some type of thrill (after all he did have baby #2 on the way) and should I mention he told me it was "such a good deal." However, that good deal ended up costing us about a $1,000 extra just to get him the stuff to actually be legal to ride it. I guess that is the car salesmen in him.

Hammers, Music, and Dresses

Sorry, I am not so good at adding in pictures yet, so you are going to have to tilt your head to the side a little. Among the many other gifts, Boston got a few princess dresses because what girl is complete if she does not have dresses.
Another highlight of her birthday was having Dayton play some Metallica are her party. Don't ask me why, but she loves the hard core songs the best.

For Boston's 4th Birthday Ben got her some tools. Let me explain. We are remodeling our basement and Boston loves to help Ben work downstairs so he got the wonderful idea to give her tools of her own, he even bought her a mini drill.

Not so small

Today we were up at grandpa's house, who always has the camera out, and took Lincoln's two month picture. It is amazing how fast he is growing. Did Boston really grow this fast? I am sad and am trying to treasure every day.

Light em' up

Instead of staying at the hospital we decided to do light treatments for Lincoln's Jaundice at home (need I mention I got out of the hospital less than 48 hours after a C-section). Our whole bedroom glowed at night, I wonder what the neighbors thought.

My little elf

Mommy's little elf. This picture is my favorite one. It was taken at the hospital on my cell phone; however, I just learned how to email myself the pictures from my phone. Nothing like being cell phone literate even if it takes you ten minutes to type in the address!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Joys of Motherhood

Feeding your Baby:

So everyone knows that having a new baby is stressful enough, but add breastfeeding to the equation and it kicks it up a notch, especially if your body refuses to help out. Ever since Lincoln's birth he has been a lazy eater and only will nurse from one side and then about an hour later decide to hit the milk bar again from the other side. This was not a problem, really, I did not mind feeding every hour during the day and getting up like a million times a night until..... I got in the shower the other day. As I was trying to enjoy the few minutes of me time while washing my hair I looked down and the little stinker has made me lets say less than proportional. My right breast is back to its pre-pregancy size (A) while the left breast is full cup size bigger and wow can you tell both in and out of clothes. How do you hide this, just stuff a few extra nursing pads on the smaller side and pray that you do not have to nurse in public :) Just another joy of having kids.

First Day of Computer Literacy

Hey Everyone,

Today is the first day that I am attempting to "Blog." To tell you the turth I really am dumb when it comes to the computer. In fact, the first time I learned how to use PowerPoint was in my College Communications class a few years back, which makes me feel a little out of touch with the world of technology (after all elementary kids know how to use PowerPoint). So for today I am just working on the basics, which is good for a person that only knows how to change the font :)