Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Joys of Motherhood

Feeding your Baby:

So everyone knows that having a new baby is stressful enough, but add breastfeeding to the equation and it kicks it up a notch, especially if your body refuses to help out. Ever since Lincoln's birth he has been a lazy eater and only will nurse from one side and then about an hour later decide to hit the milk bar again from the other side. This was not a problem, really, I did not mind feeding every hour during the day and getting up like a million times a night until..... I got in the shower the other day. As I was trying to enjoy the few minutes of me time while washing my hair I looked down and the little stinker has made me lets say less than proportional. My right breast is back to its pre-pregancy size (A) while the left breast is full cup size bigger and wow can you tell both in and out of clothes. How do you hide this, just stuff a few extra nursing pads on the smaller side and pray that you do not have to nurse in public :) Just another joy of having kids.

First Day of Computer Literacy

Hey Everyone,

Today is the first day that I am attempting to "Blog." To tell you the turth I really am dumb when it comes to the computer. In fact, the first time I learned how to use PowerPoint was in my College Communications class a few years back, which makes me feel a little out of touch with the world of technology (after all elementary kids know how to use PowerPoint). So for today I am just working on the basics, which is good for a person that only knows how to change the font :)