Saturday, February 14, 2009

Score one for MOM

Yea....Not to toot my own horn, but toot toot! Lincoln's first words were Mama. Poor Ben is a little concerned because he does not want him to be too much of a mama's boy and I am already Lincoln's favorite. I just have this to say to him, "Boston said Dada first and has always had you wrapped around her little finger and I am pretty sure you will never be able to say no to her." He leaves all the dirty work up to me. Anyways I just had to bask in my glory that my little baby said Mama first.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Working Woman

So after all that school I have finally gotten a job. I am so excited to be working and the best part is that I get to stay home with my kids all day and work at night. This is really a great job, kick me if I ever complain, I work Monday and Wednesday nights for about 3 1/2 each and might take on two more nights if they make them available. The classes are for 16-99 year old's that are working to earn their diploma. I do not have to make any lesson plans or take home student work with me, which is the best reward in its self.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Dog Food

First, let me start off by saying that what I am writing is personal opinion and there is no "certified" evidence that this is true.

When Ben and I first were married we had two dogs (who were 6 weeks old) that we adopted from the pound named Daisey and Bo. They were both very healthy until Bo (who was almost 2 at the time) developed a limp. We took him into the vet and less than two weeks later he was diagnosed with bone cancer and was put to sleep. Really we thought nothing of it until Daisey develop epilepsy about a year later. We thought maybe it could be a genetic issue and left it at that. Fast forward a few years Ben's brother, mom, step-brother, and step-dad's dog's died of cancer. We then started talking about what could have caused this many dogs in such a short amount of time to all get cancer. The only common link was the dog food that all of us had been feeding them, so my father-in-law started asking around. After he talked to the vet a few times he started to discover that it may not be the brand of the dog food, but the ingredients (MEAT MEAL) in the food.
The problem with this ingredient is that MEAT MEAL is any kind of meat that is ground down into meal, this includes: dog, horses, cow, etc. and is not regulated by the FDA. Which may not seem so bad, but most of the time these animals are "put to sleep" or killed by way of an injection. The major concern with this is that the injection contains phenobarbital, which does not break down during the "mealing" process. Which also means that the drug phenobarbital is what is staying the the food and is being ingested by the dogs.
Our solution was to switch our dogs' food to something that did not contain any meat meal. I really can't say if this is the main cause of our dogs getting cancer or other health diseases, but Daisey has not had any seizures since we switched their dog food.

Bad Hair Day

So, let's just say that Lincoln is a little "hair challenged!" The first picture is just a small example of how bad his hair is when he wakes up. I do not know how he manages, but he ends up making a big knot in the little hair he has left. Then the second picture, this has to be the best look yet! He scoots himself into the corner of his crib until his head is wedged and then falls asleep and when he wakes up he resembles Don King.