Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Little White Trash

Shelly the truck, Ben, and Boston

Artist at work

Poor Ben, those of you who know him can pick his truck out from a million miles away, but for some reason this truck (otherwise known as Shelly) is Boston's favorite. Boston will opt for Shelly over my nice, new, un-stinky, and might I add much safer car; maybe it is because Ben lets her shift for him. Boston talks to Shelly and tells her what a good truck she is and that she can't wait to drive her when she gets big. Little does she know now Shelly probaly won't even be alive at that point.

SO I guess you are wondering about the pictures. Well, this was Ben's idea of keeping Boston at bay while he worked on Shelly and I cleaned out my car. I know not the best idea on Ben's part, but Boston sure did enjoy it. So now instead of Shelly being a tri-color mutt, she has the new addition of reflective green, which moves her into the 80's era.
Way to go Dad -- at least that is what I said when the over spray painted his tires green and the dribbles of Boston spraying too close to the truck stained her skin for a week and ruined a pair of shoes. Hey, but it was fun for Boston -- we aim to please:)

Yum Yum

Lincoln has a new favorite food, Rice Krispies. He goes to town on these little things and would eat them all day if he could. The best part is when you first put them in his little holder, he dives in with the majority sticking to his face.

Carpet Burn

A few weeks ago Lincoln made his first attempts at crawling. Well, I don't know if I would call it "really" crawling, but he sure is making a good effort and keeping me on my toes. For some reason he is okay with army crawling all over the house and believe me he can drag himself just as fast. He loves to get up on all fours, but the second he attempts moving his arms in legs in coordination he face plants and continues on dragging himself. I love the fact that he is mobile, but am forced to quickly remember that everything is now within his reach, goodbye nice things for a few more years.