Saturday, December 27, 2008

Boston at 4 months Lincoln at 4 months

I think it is funny to go through pictures to see how your kids compare to each other. The first thing that I noticed between the two is that Boston probably outweighed Lincoln (at four months) by 5 pounds. At this point she had cheeks to spare and Lincoln is pretty normal at a steady 16 pounds. Next, is that Boston had jet black hair while Lincoln's is fairly light and last, Boston had black eyes and Lincoln has dark blue.

The Big Sleeper

It is official Lincoln is sleeping through the night (well, probably not now that I have mentioned it to everyone) and it is wonderful! He goes to sleep around 8-9 pm and sleeps all the through the night until I get home from the gym (around 7am). When he wakes up he is all smiles and ready to start the day after a quick meal. We feel really luckily that he started sleeping through the night so young, well compared to Boston he is young. She did not sleep through the night consistently until she was almost two. I guess that could be why we waited so long to have another kid :)
Okay, I think I spoke sooner than I should have! Lincoln has started waking up throughout the night, yea :) I do not get up to feed him, but he loves "yelling" to himself and kicking his feet as hard as he can (hard enough to make his bed shake). Right now he has been averaging three - four times a night all in 30 minute increments. I guess it could be worse.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Christmas was the best this year, Santa got off easy. The only thing that Boston asked for was Play dough and Moon Sand. The next best thing was that Christmas was really easy going (not too many houses to visit) and Boston liked everything that she got. However, she was a little disappointed that Santa did not remember to bring Moon Sand to our house (note: Santa brought is to my parents house), but on a happier note he remembered to bring Play dough :) Also, I forgot to mention that Santa got his pants stuck in our front door and left some behind. Boston was a little worried that he would be sad his pants were ruined, but Ben and I assured her that we could save it and give it back to him next Christmas.

Another fun thing that we did was lay out reindeer food for Santa's reindeer. After she went to bed I went to went out side and knocked over the bowl and sprinkled some down the stairs. When she woke up she was so excited that they ate some of the special food.

Party Pooper

It seems like every picture that someone takes of me holding Lincoln is with him sleeping. This was at my parents house, while we opened up gifts. He was missing all the fun, although Boston sure did not mind, it just meant more gifts she got to open up.
NOTE: Check out my profile picture (look right) compared to this one, what a difference 5 months makes.

Breaking News !

So let me start off by saying sorry. I have not been the best at keeping up my blog because our camera broke and what fun is a blog if you can not have pictures. However, for Christmas my parents got us a new camera, yea, and here I go again.
The first bit of news. Dane has a girlfriend and we actually got to meet her. She is very nice and best of all can put up with Dane, so I guess she is a keeper.